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Summary Filer Author Category Date
Test anonymous Technical 28/07/2021
No list of 'Craft and Community' relevant project attempts since 2009 namespace nostalgebraist Record Keeping 24/11/2017
'Craft Rationalists' are not cooperating because they aren't networked namespace Bendini Communication 24/11/2017
LessWrong Wiki Was Meant To Aggregate Interesting Bits Of LW Main Site But Didn't namespace c0rw1n Record Keeping 26/11/2017
The "Facebook Search Problem" namespace vedrfolnir Record Keeping 26/11/2017
No Central Preregistration Database For 'Rationalist' Projects & Experiments namespace bendini Social 26/11/2017
"Only The Clueless Post On LessWrong" namespace Scott Alexander Social 04/12/2017