No Central Preregistration Database For 'Rationalist' Projects & Experiments

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summary - No Central Preregistration Database For 'Rationalist' Projects & Experiments

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    I think I'm still having trouble visualising what it would be like to be part of your community.

In terms of living under my iron fist, I'm aiming to occuply a position thats more like "older brother" than "Big Brother". Duncan's approach of middleschool teacher turned military instructor doesn't really appeal to me. I'm trying to balance the ability to have banter as peers while being able to take charge when the situation calls for it, and so far there have been very few problems with that to my knowledge.

A few features that set us apart is that we've mostly made peace with the idea that things are going to be a work in progress, and we aren't saying "we can deliver the goods 100% of the time" but "we're giving things a shot, and if things work, great, and if not, we all still learn something" as such, we've been prepared to do things like announce n=1 interventions that we think might work, but won't necessarily, and we aren't too worried about looking informal and cobbled together, as that's essentially what we are at the moment. (e.g. this amazingly kludged but still verifiable way to pre-register an experiment prior to a central rationalist database existing for doing so)

    As you like your startup analogy, I feel compelled to ask, "What is your plan to scale?"

The startup analogy is appropriate in some places, but not others. When scaling something that has almost zero marginal cost of production, you can scale exponentially. Offline communities have much lower returns to scale (nor do we need to scale. We aren't aiming for an IPO, going beyond 1000 "users" is of little utility to us)

In terms of the logistics of scaling, a house is currently in the process of being bought, and is intended to serve as a social hub, with rented grouphouses surrounding it, as this arrangement allows us to make the most efficient use of the capital available to us.

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Diffractor26 November 2017, 07:21

Yeah, this is an issue. One of the things that has passed into folklore without *ever* being fully discussed anywhere (AFAIK) was Leverage Research's experiments with polyphasic sleep. Apparently, it didn't work out, for all of the sleep schedules except biphasic (less sleep in the night, a siesta in the day), but I only found out about this from a throwaway comment somewhere on Brienne's facebook wall.

namespace26 November 2017, 03:36

This is the post that inspired me to make my Preregistration Database. I think given the tendency for us to try things that don't work and then get silently forgotten, it would be really useful if we started writing up our project proposals and putting them in a public place while we still have an incentive to do so.