Diaspora Project Map

This is a list of projects started by members of the LessWrong Diaspora. While it tries to be inclusive, it's more focused on projects which are directly about/for the community. At the same time, any notable project started by Diaspora participants is welcome. To suggest new projects for inclusion post a comment in the box below. An RSS feed of this page is available here.


Running Projects

Project Name Principal(s) Description Help Needed Contact Information Preregistered?
LessWrong 2.0 Oliver Habryka, Ben Pace, CFAR/MIRI A redesign of the classic LessWrong website. The eventual plan is to create a 'canon' of works that can create a shared conversation among Diaspora participants. Everything. Performance improvements, features, a lot. The application is written in JavaScript frameworks like React and Vulcan. See the github repo for more information. No
Whistling Lobsters 2.0 Obormot, namespace, saturn2 Community focused empirical investigation of interesting matters. Scaling Gwern Branwen. The goal is to create a social computing space that facilitates shared inquiry. Developers familiar with Python/Django would be awesome. People interested in the premise would also be awesome, feel free to email us asking for an invite when it's ready to launch. No
Kernel Bendini "This project aims to create a rationalist/EA co-housing cluster, similar to the one in Berkeley but using the advantages of lower rent, better aesthetics and community building to make it a rational choice to relocate for anyone who doesn’t already have a location-specific tech job at Google or some other large company." People who are willing to move to Manchester.
  • Facebook
  • benharrison795 [snail] gmail [period] com
Origin 2 Hive, Regex Use science and experimentation to optimize culture for the modern world. "This is the sort of thing the initial group needs to be able to do: Brainstorm cultural norms, compare them to each other, test them against each other, etc, and from that we slowly compile a new, composite culture"
  • The discord server
  • tsakara [snail] live [period] com
  • Regexrationalist [snail] gmail [period] com
Leverage Research Geoff Anders "Our community of researchers aims to discover truths that will help us to improve the world. Our investigation has been wide-ranging, taking us through epistemology, rationality, psychology, sociology, and history. We have investigated experimental psychology, meditation, and psychoanalysis; contemporary philosophy, historical philosophers, and skepticism; scientific methodology, the birth of traditions, and paradigm shifts; democracy, historical inaccuracy, and the decline of civilizations. After several years of research, we are now ready to start sharing some of our conclusions. These conclusions remain tentative – and our investigation continues." Unknown No
GreaterWrong saturn2, Obormot LessWrong 2.0 reader without the fat, working search, and tasteful design. Loads quickly with strong usability. Project is written in Common Lisp and could use contributions towards features. Evolves rapidly so advertising needs on this page is inefficient. If you're really interested in contributing check out the github repo and contact the admins. No
LessWrong Study Hall Malcolm Ocean Coworking room using the complice software, admin of this wiki can vouch for its predecessor being the most effective productivity intervention he's ever used. People dropping in and doing their work. No
Project Registration Database namespace, FortForecast "The Project Registration Database is a project to build a central record of experiments and projects before they implode and no one wants to write about them at all. Right now it's meant to be used by members of the LessWrong Diaspora, but in theory there's no reason it couldn't serve a wider audience." More entries. Currently investigating the possibility of creating a project workshop or support network to go with the database. The idea being that if people put effort into their ideas and credibly show movement towards working on them, we might be able to match them with resources and contacts that would like to help.
  • jd [snail] fortforecast [period] com
  • #fortforecast IRC room on Freenode
Diaspora Project Map namespace List of ongoing projects undertaken by LW Diaspora community members with descriptions, contact information, and links. Email information about new projects to jd@fortforecast.com. We're looking into installing a comment box on the page so you can submit information directly for review. Please include as much relevant info as possible in your tip.
  • jd [snail] fortforecast [period] com
  • #lesswrong IRC room on Freenode
Diaspora Map namespace Publicly editable wiki page listing blogs, community websites, and chatrooms which are part of or adjacent to the LW Diaspora. More entries! It is completely open to outside contributors. You don't need to ask permission first, you, yes you are allowed to add rows to the tables. Other work available is improving the quality of current entries, eg. choosing better example posts from blogs you're familiar with.
  • jd [snail] fortforecast [period] com
  • the #lesswrong IRC channel on freenode (ask for 'namespace')
Group House Map Bendini A map with the approximate (for security) locations of all existing and future planned rationalist affiliated grouphouses with relevant contact details (Key: green = existing, blue = exists but needs more information, yellow = planned in the next year) people to send Bendini information on new houses, houses moving locations, closed houses and up to date contact information.
  • benharrison795 [snail] gmail [period] com
Jargon Dictionary namespace Publicly editable wiki page with list of LW Diaspora jargon terms and their definitions. Eventually it's planned to include etymology and other useful information. More entries, improving the quality of entries we already have, adding etymology and other supporting data.
  • jd [snail] fortforecast [period] com
  • the #lesswrong IRC channel on freenode (ask for 'namespace')
Insight Collection The House Elves Crowdsourced summaries of good blog posts and articles, with the summaries generated by people who know them best because they've internalized the knowledge strongly. More submissions. Take your top two favorite blog posts/articles and generate a short summary of them based on your internalizing the 'insight' contained therein. Please avoid politics and economics posts, while these are fun they have the problem of being much harder to judge quality for. Focus on things with a practical takeaway, the practical takeaway should be in your summary. No


Project Name Principal(s) Description Help Needed Contact Information Preregistered?
Complice Malcolm Ocean "Complice is like an automated personal life coach. It connects your high-level goals with your day-to-day actions, and helps you think more strategically about your life. Complice’s intuitive daily planning, nightly reflection and progress tracking keep your goals in focus as you take steps towards them every day." Doesn't appear to be hiring.
  • malcolm [snail] complice [period] co
  • benjamin [snail] complice [period] co
  • Drew Durbin
  • Lincoln Quirk
"Wave's mission is to make sending money to Africa as easy and affordable as sending a text. It all began in 2014 when Drew, one of our founders, got fed up going to a store and paying over 10% to send money for an NGO he was running in Tanzania." Doesn't appear to be hiring.
  • help [snail] wave [period] com
  • +18889668603 (US/CA)
  • More at Contact Page
  • Promethea Raschke
  • Leor Fishman
  • Benjamin Simon
"With Hecate, your private data is divided into many shards, each unreadable to anyone without a sufficient fraction of the total. These shards are stored across the Hecate network with a method which allows only authorized users to reconstruct the original secret. This creates defense in diversity: compromise of any single system cannot give the attackers access to private data." Doesn't appear to be hiring. No
Kocherga Vyacheslav Matyukhin Anti-café and a rationality community hub in Moscow. Runs rationality dojos, LW meetups, semi-regular EA meetups and CFAR-like workshops. Lots of various tasks for volunteers. No

Completed Projects

Project Name Principal(s) Description How To Help Maintain Contact Information Preregistered?
Read The Sequences Said Achmiz A beautifully typeset version of Rationality: From AI To Zombies designed by Said Achmiz. "To report bugs, typos, or other problems, or if you have any questions or comments about this site..."
  • said [snail] saidachmiz [period] net
A Whirlwind Tour Of LessWrong Rationality JBeshir An uber-summarization of The Sequences. "This is to enable useful examination of the ideas and their assumptions by people who have things to do other than reading millions of words on the topic, to permit those who have picked up ideas from the community to see their surrounding context and related ideas, and to serve as an index to enable those who disagree to identify their points of departure." "Feedback very welcome; I’m not the best writer, and contributions from anyone who has better ways to phrase things or even wants to rewrite entire sections are very welcome and I’d be happy to credit them."
  • Comments on the Google Doc
  • "The email address is “john”, at this website’s domain (beshir.org), excluding the subdomain."

Defunct Projects

Project Name Principal(s) Description Contact Information Preregistered? Postmortem?
FortForecast namespace, Obormot Mission Statement: To build and maintain a model organization which conducts itself primarily online, that consistently discerns the true state of the world from available information, aggregates small contributions of intellectual effort from many towards this purpose, and uses this organization to help pursue the good.
  • info [snail] fortforecast [period] com
  • #fortforecast IRC room on Freenode
No No but has successor, see Whistling Lobsters 2
Whistling Lobsters Obormot, namespace, saturn2 Link aggregator used by Fort Forecasters and various people associated with the #lesswrong IRC. A fork of the lobsters code base. Currently invite only, tasteful features with high quality content and strong indexing. Mostly good on the code side, what we really need are high quality ordinary users with diverse talents, ideas, and backgrounds. No
Origin Hive "Origin is a project that is working towards being a powerful, stable, multigenerational force for goodness and truth in the world. . . We are trying to empirically derive the optimal community arrangement through a combination of social engineering, sociology, and anthropology, and then live in those ways that seem to be optimal." No No but has successor, see Origin 2.
Arbital v0.3 Alexei "Arbital is a hybrid blogging and wiki platform. To see what kind of content you can create, take a look at the math and AI alignment sections."
  • alexei [snail] arbital [period] com
  • Alexei on LessWrong
No Yes
A Map Of LWers acchan A map showing the physical location of many members of the LessWrong community, hosted with zeemaps. Unknown No No
Google Map Of LWers Unknown A google map overlay showing the physical location of many members of the LessWrong community, seems to have been circulated around the #lesswrong IRC room. Unknown No No


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Veerle de Goederen11 May 2018, 05:43

Contact RAISE: raise@aisafety.camp, Facebook

Veerle de Goederen11 May 2018, 05:40

Running project:

Project Name: RAISE

Principal: Toon Alfrink

Description: Our mission is to unlock the capacity of aspiring AI safety researchers by creating an open online course with high-quality content on topics such as corrigibility and value learning.

Help Needed: AI safety experts who can give advice on our course structure, people who want to give feedback on our current lectures. We could generally benefit from more funding and volunteers who are able to invest time.

namespace09 December 2017, 13:43

Honorable mention for the 'startups' section: Some folks from around these parts are working on Luna, a blockchain backed incentives system for fixing the attention economy issues with online dating:


namespace06 December 2017, 18:39

It does, false alarm.

namespace06 December 2017, 18:38

Comment master list keeps updating with comments but I don't see anything, testing this out to make sure it works.

ZeitPolizei05 December 2017, 09:12

It's not clear from the description at all, what Origin actually is.

Chris Leong05 December 2017, 06:50

Fort Forecast link is broken

namespace05 December 2017, 00:05



Oliver Habryka04 December 2017, 22:04

It probably makes more sense to list Ben Pace over Vaniver as principal of LW2.

Obormot04 December 2017, 16:20

Kocherga added!

Vyacheslav Matyukhin04 December 2017, 15:59

Project for the "Startups" section:

Name: Kocherga

Principal: Vyacheslav Matyukhin

Description: Anti-café and a rationality community hub in Moscow. Runs rationality dojos, LW meetups, semi-regular EA meetups and CFAR-like workshops.

Help Needed: Lots of various tasks for volunteers.

Contact information: #prj_kocherga at Russian LW slack, Vyacheslav @ VK