How I Think

In this section of the wiki I discuss the mental tools I use to do cognition. Some skepticism should probably be encouraged, since ultimately the workings of the brain are not entirely available to us. It is quite possible that the words on these pages merely reflect a happy narrative I like to tell myself, and the actual workings of my thoughts are as impenetrable as granite.

Two Axis of Belief: Plausibility and Probability

An Introduction

Plausibility: Is it consistent?

Probability: Is it real?

Introspection and Debugging

Pattern Matchers, Cognitive Styles: The Notation I Use To Represent My Internal Narrative

The Organization and Boundaries of Ideas

Defining Your Life As Reaction To A Lying Narrative Is Still Letting The Lie Control You

Secret Seeking

Legibility and Bullshit

Insight and Prediction

Insight Porn Is Relative

Named and Unnamed Roles


The Five Minute Fallacy

Your Lifespan Is Not Your Healthspan

David's Toe