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28 December 2017

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There are a lot of opportunities for me to update on and affirm that this is Correct. @Ratheka Whereas, I don't really know what any of that sort of thing looks like for 'acquiring minions'. I really don't know what sequence of actions leads to minions being acquired, nor what the state of 'acquired' looks like. Is it getting someone to do one thing for me, extended indefinitely? Or are the techniques to make that happen a local maxima that does not actually yield a Minion. Dunno, no way to get through that quagmire right now other than walking through it. And when it comes to walking through it, I don't wanna.

20 December 2017

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accalia - Today at 1:43 AM or mine I still want someone to build my to do list thing OnceUponAQuine - Today at 1:43 AM or if you need/want to put more languages on your resume Layout - Today at 1:44 AM @accalia What's your to-do list thing? accalia - Today at 1:44 AM (and my inbox I still want someone to build that gmail mod that makes my inbox into a to-do list with subtasks) Ronit Yocheved - Today at 1:44 AM a to-do list thing would be fun, actually I haven't gotten to do much ui stuff, so it might be a fun learning experience accalia - Today at 1:45 AM Oh I reaaaaaally want a to do list / schedule / Gantt thing that I wrote a super long spec for and can't find an approximation of on the 'net Layout - Today at 1:45 AM Well, share the spec. accalia - Today at 1:45 AM I should teach myself enough to write it myself sometime Ronit Yocheved - Today at 1:45 AM if you give me a spec I'll try accalia - Today at 1:45 AM Can't, borrowing someone else's mobile Uh is your skill level sufficient you could build a Gantt chart and then some other stuff on top Gantt charts are close enough to get the idea Ronit Yocheved - Today at 1:46 AM I'm not familiar with Gantt charts accalia - Today at 1:46 AM (i have found it basically impossible to get free usable Gantt software as an individual that isnt bad / doesn't contain deal-breakers) they're great Layout - Today at 1:47 AM looks this up wtf how have I not heard of this before accalia - Today at 1:48 AM the thing I want is like, a task juggler that lets me have to do lists for school and for work and for my student society and for my other student society and for my project and for my day to day maintenance separate enough that I can handle looking at one and seeing all the dependencies but also interconnected so I can prioritize which thing I should be doing now Ronit Yocheved - Today at 1:49 AM hmmmm gantt charts seem doable-ish accalia - Today at 1:49 AM with time tracking of how I split my time between them Layout - Today at 1:49 AM @Ronit Yocheved What languages do you know? Ronit Yocheved - Today at 1:49 AM so like a priority ranking system

with a catastrophe-aversion assistant? lauren - Today at 1:50 AM whoa Android split screen Ronit Yocheved - Today at 1:50 AM python, C, C++, ruby, Lisp, and a bit of javascript Layout - Today at 1:50 AM @Ronit Yocheved Ever done Django before? Ronit Yocheved - Today at 1:50 AM I've dabbled in it accalia - Today at 1:51 AM and importantly I want a reprioritize feature. like if I scheduled tidying my room on Thursday evening, applying to thing on Friday morning, and handling some paperwork Friday evening, and then I do not get the tidying done on Thursday evening, I want it to automatically schedule tidying for Friday morning, application for Saturday morning and paperwork Saturday afternoon Ronit Yocheved - Today at 1:51 AM haven't done anything interesting with it accalia - Today at 1:51 AM Except if I have an event Saturday afternoon that can't be moved then the paperwork should be rescheduled for Sunday morning Ronit Yocheved - Today at 1:52 AM hmmm if you're willing to manually tag things as unmovable, then everything else is doable accalia - Today at 1:52 AM But if the paperwork has to be done Saturday because deadline, then it stays on Saturday and the application gets moved to Sunday. Ronit Yocheved - Today at 1:53 AM (if you manually add deadlines and priority level, of course) OnceUponAQuine - Today at 1:53 AM i mean that's why you start with the gantt chart accalia - Today at 1:53 AM I am cool with manually tagging. I want three modes though: 'event, not moveable at all', 'task which can be moved as much as I like', and 'task with a deadline which can be pushed back so far but no further'(edited) OnceUponAQuine - Today at 1:53 AM you have finish time constraints probot :3 - Today at 1:53 AM I would love some sort of DBT thing for a todo app Ronit Yocheved - Today at 1:53 AM dbt? Layout - Today at 1:54 AM has a little diagram for his ideal todo app on his desk never made it though probot :3 - Today at 1:54 AM Like the “you feel like shit” site but for “you’re not getting this done” Ronit Yocheved - Today at 1:56 AM oh dang that'd be cool accalia - Today at 1:56 AM Ideally it would have some kind of priority helper where like, I can set the priority of tasks within project A anything to how important they are to the success of project A, rank tasks within project B according to how important they are to the success of project B, and then set the relative priority of getting A done vs getting B done and the app automatically sets absolute priorities. Because I really struggle with that. Ronit Yocheved - Today at 1:57 AM that's doable but hard really hard sounds interesting though probot :3 - Today at 1:57 AM Would you multiply priorities? Layout - Today at 1:58 AM My diagram is like, a horrifying amalgamation of SMART, OODA, and Mission/Strategy/Tactics distinction stuff. accalia - Today at 1:58 AM I know that under the "school" heading the essay due Wednesday is more urgent than the essay due Friday, and I know that under the "career" heading that getting an application sent to my dream job is more urgent than getting an application sent to my backup job. But I have NO idea how to prioritize those four tasks. Ronit Yocheved - Today at 1:59 AM especially since mutual dependencies Layout - Today at 1:59 AM @accalia So, the heuristic I use in my head is "Which of these am I going to have to do anyway no matter what?" accalia - Today at 1:59 AM Because it's so hard to compare the types of importance and deadline and costs/benefits across categories Layout - Today at 1:59 AM But yes, the deadline/effort differences make it hard. Ronit Yocheved - Today at 2:00 AM i just came up with the stupidest idea for a todo list manager accalia - Today at 2:01 AM I'd like to be able to set some kind of time division like, I want to spend 10% of my week on school and 10% of my week on career. And then it automatically prioritizes tasks to fill the right amount of time in my weeks. Layout - Today at 2:01 AM So. That's not how resource allocation works. If it's outcome focused, anyway. Ronit Yocheved - Today at 2:01 AM hmmm is discarding/reshuffling lower priority tasks allowed? Layout - Today at 2:01 AM Like you can do that, but it's a planning antipattern. accalia - Today at 2:02 AM I am actively in favor of the app reshuffling my lower priority tasks. I want it to do this. Ronit Yocheved - Today at 2:02 AM i mean at a certain point it has to start throwing stuff out Layout - Today at 2:03 AM You can indefinitely delay things, but throwing them out seems unwise. accalia - Today at 2:03 AM There are some specific ways I want it to do it, like, if I have a half hour slot between two meetings, it should move à 20 minute task into that gap even if there are more urgent 2 hour tasks Layout - Today at 2:03 AM I should never lose information in your system, like, that's why I'm using it in the first place. Because my brain loses things. :stuckouttongue: Ronit Yocheved - Today at 2:03 AM of course i consider infinite-procrastination to be a dishonest version of discarding accalia - Today at 2:04 AM It should be allowed to archive things automatically under circumstances I specify. For instance if the deadline for an application is the 20th then it should delete the "apply for X" task on the 21st because if I haven't done it, it is too late. Layout - Today at 2:04 AM I mean, one antipattern you do want to get away from is the "ever expanding list of shit" model, where you put things on your todo list and they never go away and it just grows and grows until looking at the list itself becomes aversive. ended up writing a todo list that randomly samples the list space, as a prototype to explore ways around that accalia - Today at 2:05 AM See that's why I like schedule/gantt systems. The shit can stay in your to do list! You're scheduled to do that task on the 25th July 2055. But you never see it because you're always looking at what the app says to do TODAY, or soon. probot :3 - Today at 2:06 AM A friend of mine knocked up a light weight gant thing in excel. Where tasks go down the list, and dates go across. (google sheets) Ronit Yocheved - Today at 2:07 AM @accalia this seems like fun to work on, but i should like obtain coffee then nap Layout - Today at 2:07 AM This thing sounds sufficiently in need of specific tailoring, that I suspect one would be better off writing a gantt-ish framework with a good domain specific language for specifying behavior. Or other forms of scripting I guess, like python. accalia - Today at 2:08 AM That's part of why the automatic rescheduling is so important. If I put in a conference event on Monday then the tasks previously scheduled for Monday should be bumped to Tuesday and the tasks scheduled for Tuesday should be bumped to Wednesday and the tasks scheduled for Wednesday... So you do not have to look at the whole to do list and decide what to do. Computer says you do x now. And the computer knows deadlines so your computer will not let things catch fire. You can trust it. You can just do x now. Ronit Yocheved - Today at 2:10 AM tbh I'd pay real money for something like this which means I should definitely work on it accalia - Today at 2:10 AM anyway it's been bedtime for a while gnight OnceUponAQuine - Today at 2:10 AM good night! Ronit Yocheved - Today at 2:10 AM gnight/mrnin accalia - Today at 2:11 AM hugs you both you're good people love y'all Layout - Today at 2:12 AM Night.

25 November 2017

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Sorry to thread hijack, but what are some examples of "craft"? - Patrick