Complaints and Project Suggestions

kitcoloris 9:21 AM Has there been any talk of mapping out / gamifying / having achievements for core rationality competencies, Khan Academy style? I feel like I've read about a lot of ideas but am not sure what exactly I've absorbed, what I'm missing, how good I am at the things (which probably means I suck)

9:23 Even lacking something with the polish of Khan Academy, maybe a document outlining all the core competencies and suggested ways to practice them and evaluate your performance (edited)

9:26 Could be a useful tool for dojos or coaches too to evaluate student progress

namespace 11:05 AM

christiankl 11:28 AM Having a good document that lists core competencies and ways of practicing would of course be good but that would mean that the knowledge would have to be available

eliot 11:40 AM I would like that too and will think about making a list