Optimal Cryptocurrency Research

Filer - Bendini

Project Name - Optimal Cryptocurrency Research

Principal(s) - Bendini

Contact Email - kernelmanchester@gmail.com

Homepage -

What is the project - I'm trying to pool the knowledge and thinking skills of ~70 Rationalists and EA's who together hold in excess of $10m of cryptocurrency to optimize our portfolios for greater long term value and lower risk.

As a back of the envelope calculation, If it takes me 100 hours to organise the research to improve the average investor's return by 1%, this will provide $1000/hr of value to the community.

The initial research will be done in a shared document over facebook.

Timestamp (autofilled) - 1512666938

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Experiment No
Database/List/Map No
Gathering or Event No
Social Space or Forum No
Software Tool No
Startup No
Organization No
Other Yes