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Project Name - The Crypt

Principal(s) - phaedrus

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What is the project - > What are you trying to do? Build a book distillery.

> Why are you trying to do it? There's a lot of useful information in books, but it's hard to get that information into the water supply. Books are longer than blogs, and aren't as accessible. It seems possible to mitigate these problems by making information from books as accessible as blogs, by formatting quotes, key arguments, etc. as bloglike posts in an easily accessible and searchable repository.

>Why do you believe you might succeed? I've seen some quote blogs do alright at it. And once it's open for contributions, contributing will generally be low-effort. There's potential for higher-effort contributions (summaries of arguments and so on rather than just quotes), but most contributions will probably be quotes because that's easier.

>How exactly will you or anyone else know that you've succeeded? It will have succeeded if it becomes as widely referenced as a reasonably high-quality blog.

>Does your project have a well defined mission statement? The elevator pitch is "distill books into pieces of valuable insight and make them as readily available as blog posts are".

The Crypt wiki may turn out to be useful for other things outside Category/Apostaxe, but right now that's all it's doing. (Hence filing it as "The Crypt".)

>Have you followed any sort of standard planning procedure? A standard planning procedure seems like overkill. This is essentially a blog. Its first incarnation was a blog.

>What are you going to do if the core piece of your first idea fails? The basic idea has already proven itself to some extent. If this project fails, I'll try again with a different platform.

>What sort of resources do you need to do this thing, and are they within your capacity as the principals of your project? All it needs is a place to put text. It could live on Neocities, although this would make contributions harder. The main limiting resource is that I'm not very good at CSS.

>Why would someone use your project/product, instead of whatever they do right now? People seem generally averse to just dropping blockquotes on their blogs. Except for Tumblr, but Tumblr has crappy search.

>How will you make it possible for other people to help you? Once there's enough there to set the tone, I'll write a guide to contributing and open it up to contributions.

>Do you have a well advertised, accessible, actively maintained contact channel(s)? (eg. Email, Phone Number) phaed on

>Have you set clear expectations and guidelines on what kind of help you're looking for? This will be done before launch.

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