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Project Name - The Watchful Technologist

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What is the project - The Watchful Technologist is a blog that will have as one of its primary focuses concrete action taken in the LessWrong Diaspora community. It is hoped that by having a place focusing on people who actually do things, this will help create a virtuous cycle of more doing for us to report on that inspires doing in turn. I believe this project might succeed because there is concrete action happening in the community, but not enough. A common complaint I hear from people trying to do things is they feel alone in the wilderness, with no one paying attention to them and certainly no recognition or credit for their work.

The project does not yet have a well defined mission statement, and this is only part of what that mission would be. However for this part of it, I’ll consider the project a success if I can collect five testimonials from people who say that it helped inspire them to do more. (And who in point of evidence, have in fact done more.) If this piece of the idea fails, I’ll consider it unfortunate but move on with the rest of the mission.

In terms of resources this project will require:

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