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The LessWrong Diaspora is a set of loosely affiliated, often independent blogs and social networks which sprung up from the ruins of the community blog LessWrong. Diaspora ranges from the rigorously serious venues focused on existential risk or philosophy, to what are essentially cyber orgies of particularly high Openness people who have shared culture.



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Blog Name Author Purpose/Focus Example Post
Untitled John David Pressman Politics Effective Action Computer History Tutorials The Favored Mindset
Otium Sarah Constantin Medicine Skepticism Philosophy Sepsis Cure Needs An RCT
Minding Our Way Nate Soares Effective Action Psychology Reducing Malignant Inhibitions Confidence all the way up
Thing of Things Ozy Frantz Sexuality Gender Culture Wars Psychology Cis By Default
Slate Star Codex Scott Alexander Psychology Medicine Philosophy History Sociology Culture Wars Problems In Society Politics Whale Puns Book Review: House of God
Overcoming Bias Robin Hanson Psychology History Futurology Contrarianism Evolutionary Psychology Epistemics School Isn’t For Learning
Agenty Duck Brienne Yudkowsky Psychology Esoteric Secrets Effective Action Introspection Values When Your Left Arm Becomes A Chicken
Aella Girl Anonymous Sexuality Porn Drugs Psychology Surveys Culture Wars How Taboo Are These Sexual Fetishes?
Clear Language, Clear Mind Emil O. W. Kirkegaard Psychology 'Rationality' Science of Intelligence Eugenics Genetics Against CFAR
Cognitive Pie Said Achmiz History Soviet History Human Computer Interaction Software Design Gaming Soviet kids’ atlas
Melting Asphalt Kevin Simler Sociology Philosophy Empiricism 'Rationality' Personhood: A Game for Two or More Players
MIRI Blog Machine Intelligence Research Institute AI Philosophy Human Values September 2017 Newsletter
Gwern.net Gwern Branwen Sociology Drugs Cryptocurrencies Darknet Statistics Genetics Philosophy Politics The Melancholy of Subculture Society
Don't Worry About The Vase TheZvi 'Rationalist' Community 'Rationality' Perverse Incentives Lifestyle Philosophy Best of Don’t Worry About the Vase
Compass Rose Benjamin Hoffman 'Rationality' Philosophy The order of the soul
Entirely Useless Anonymous Catholicism History Mathematics Politics Theology Zombies and Ignorance of the Formal Cause
Minds Aren't Magic Paul Crowley Global Poverty 'Rationality' Mathematics The long scale of utility
Chris Stucchio Chris Stucchio Mathematics Statistics Computing Economics A High Frequency Trader's Apology, Pt 1
Permit Doubting Values PDV Lifestyle Productivity Free Speech Culture Wars How I Use Beeminder
DSPEYER Daniel Speyer Philosophy Statistics Science Politics Recently reread Scott's review of Seeing Like A State and …
Everything Studies John Nerst Philosophy Psychology Culture Science, the Constructionists, and Reality
Untitled Grognor Personal 'Rationality' Detachment Examined
Particular Virtue Evictorial Psychology Software Engineering Sociology Save Your Work
Seattle RRG Reading Notes Seattle Rationality Reading Group LessWrong LessWrong Diaspora and related subjects October 02 2017 RRG Notes
Frustrated Demiurge Frustrated Demiurge Psychology A Self-Respect Feedback Loop
Eukaryote Writes Blog Georgia Effective Altruism Existential Risk Biotic replacement and evolutionary innovation as a global catastrophic risk
Put A Number On It! Jacob Falkovich 'Rationality' Mathematics Shopping for Happiness
Bayesian Investor Blog Peter McCluskey 'Rationality' Markets Investing Financial Procrastination
Solar Panel Proof Of Logic 'Rationality' Psychology Introspection Judgement as Fake Explanation
BearLamp Elo Psychology Problem Solving List of common human goals
SquirrelInHell SquirrelInHell 'Rationality' AI Philosophy Psychology The AI Alignment Problem Has Already Been Solved(?) Once
drossbucket drossbucket Mathematics 'Rationality' Metarationality: a messy introduction
Malcolm Ocean Malcolm Mental models Productivity Honing mode vs Jamming mode (in conversation)
An Algorithmic Lucidity Zack M. Davis Philosophy Programming Counterfactual Social Thought
Hivewired Fiona Nightingale Science 'Rationality' Politics Transhumanism An Introduction to Origin
BriefLiteraryAbandon DisplayName Books Law In which I borrow Popehat.com’s sock puppet, and attempt to explain 12(b)6 motions and crappy journalism.
YHWH Memorial School for Error Correction in Signal Processing Moshe Bible studies Flood-resistant lineages: Genesis 6-9
Stories by Freddie deBoer on Medium Fredrik deBoer Politics the three hot trends in Silicon Valley horseshit
Fredrik deBoer's Blog Fredrik deBoer Education Politics Lesson Plan: Teaching Prose Style to Freshmen
Sailor Vulcan's Starship Sailor Vulcan 'Rationality' Philosophy Literature A Definitive Rebuttal Against Solipsism and Ontological Nihilism, and a Potential Solution to the Paradox of the First Cause
Nintil Artir Politics Insight Porn Philosophy Economics Indian feminism and the role of the environment: Why the Google memo is still right
Name and Nature Paul Wright Religion Philosophy Science Q: When is a person like a rock? A: When there’s no God
Anonymous Mugwump Anonymous Mugwump Media Geopolitics Mein weltanschauung
nothing is mere Rob Bensinger 'Rationality' Philosophy Science Ditch the word “hypocrite”
Qualia Computing Algekalipso AI Consciousness Ethics The Most Important Philosophical Question
The Open Philanthropy Blog David Roodman Philanthropy Criminology Maybe the Murder Rate Levelled Off This Year?
ribbonfarm Multiple Authors Insight Porn The World As If
Andrew Critch Andrew Critch AI Effective Altruism 'Rationality' Deserving Trust / Grokking Newcomb’s Problem
Wait But Why Tim Urban Insight Porn Technology The Elon Musk Post Series
Ferocious Truth J Thomas Moros Philosophy Mathematics AI 'Rationality' Ferocious Truth
Map and Territory G Gordon Worley III Ethics Psychology Nothing is Forbidden, but Some Things are Good
Giving Gladly Julia Wise Lifestyle Effective Altruism Practical steps for self-care
pseudoerasmus pseudoerasmus History Economics McCloskey: Cotton wasn’t crucial to the Industrial Revolution
Statistical Modeling, Causal Inference, and Social Science Andrew Gelman Statistics Science Should we worry about rigged priors? A long discussion.
GiveDirectly Blog Multiple Authors Effective Altruism Long term impacts of cash transfers here at home
The Rationalist Conspiracy Alyssa Vance Science Politics Philosophy Personal Four Layers of Intellectual Conversation
Small Truths Daniel Klein Insight Porn Politics Don't be a Reactionary
Aceso Under Glass Anonymous Science Effective Altruism Gaming Seeing Like A State, Flashlights, and Giving This Year
Venam's Blog Patrick Louis Technology Insight Porn Parts Of Life That Shouldn't Be Brought Back
Brute Reason Miri Philosophy Community 'Rationality' Emotional Labor: What It Is and How To Do It
The Giving What We Can Blog Multiple Authors Effective Altruism The Economic Benefits of Malaria Eradication
Kaj Sotala Kaj Sotala Personal Insight Porn 'Rationality' How I found & fixed the root problem behind my depression and anxiety after 20+ years
The sideways view Paul Christiano AI Effective Altruism 'Rationality' If we can’t lie to others, we will lie to ourselves
@meditationstuff meditationstuff Meditation Personal Health 'Rationality' TL;DR Nutrition Recommendations v1.0 (Nutrition for people who don’t want to think about it AT ALL.)
AI Alignment Paul Christiano AI Security and AI alignment
The GiveWell Blog Multiple Authors Effective Altruism Why we’re allocating discretionary funds to the Deworm the World Initiative
Unenumerated Nick Szabo Politics Economics Anthopology Conflict and collectibles among the Yurok
Luke Muehlhauser Luke Muehlhauser AI Effective Altruism Personal Science Three wild speculations from amateur quantitative macrohistory
sam[ ]zdat Lou Keep Personal Insight Porn 'Rationality' Selection Bias in the Quarry
Foundational Research Institute Multiple Authors AI X-Risk Ethics Training neural networks to detect suffering
80,000 Hours Multiple Authors Effective Altruism Careers Technology 5 reasons not to go into education
Rationally Speaking Julia Galef 'Rationality' Science Psychology RS 190 - Amanda Askell on "Pascal's Wager and other low risks with high stakes"
Lettuce be Cereal Joāo Eira 'Rationality' (Ir)rationality is in the Eye of the Beholder
Noahpinion Noah Smith Economics Finance Politics The margin of stupid
EconTalk Multiple Authors Economics Politics Doug Lemov on Teaching
greyenlightenment.com Multiple Authors Politics Insight Porn Current Affairs The wall: it ain’t happening
Jeff Kaufman's Writing Jeff Kaufman Technology Current Affairs AI Economics Effective Altruism Scientific Charity Movement
protokol2020 protokol2020 Mathematics Philosophy Sleeping Beauty Problem Variant
Julia Galef Julia Galef 'Rationality' Current Affairs Can we intentionally improve the world? Planners vs. Hayekians
Rationality through Board games Anonymous Games 'Rationality' Dealing with secret information
benkuhn.net Ben Kuhn Mathematics Technology 'Rationality' The St. Petersburg “paradox”
Eli Bendersky's website Eli Bendersky Technology How to JIT - an introduction
The Merely Real Chana Messinger 'Rationality' Effective Altruism Education Of Foxes, Hedgehogs, and Radicals
Meteuphoric Katja Grace 'Rationality' Perfect principles are for bargaining
mindlevelup Owen Shen 'Rationality' Motivation Self-Help The Best Self-Help Should Be Self-Defeating
Bartleby’s Backpack Tom Bartleby Philosophy 'Rationality' Contra Yudkowsky on Quidditch—and a meta point
Ben Models the World Benjamin Hoffman AI 'Rationality' Make more disjunctions explicit
The Bayesian Conspiracy Multiple Authors 'Rationality' 34 – Lies, All Lies!
Status 451 Multiple Authors Free Speech 'Rationality' Politics Judging things by their side effects
Random Critical Analysis RCAFDM Statistics Economics US life expectancy is below naive expectations mostly because it economically outperforms
Intelligent Agent Foundations Forum Multiple Authors AI Decision Theory Delegative Inverse Reinforcement Learning

Adjacent Blogs

Blog Name Author Purpose/Focus Example Post
Good Judgement Open Multiple Authors Politics Statistics Forecasting the Future of the Mosul Dam
The Ezra Klein Show Ezra Klein Politics Neera Tanden on what it's like to work for Hillary Clinton
Waking Up with Sam Harris Sam Harris Politics Religion 'Rationality' What Hillary Clinton Should Say about Islam and the “War on Terror”
OpenAI Blog Multiple Authors AI Learning from Human Preferences
Shtetl-Optimized Scott Aaronson Mathematics Philosophy Politics Is “information is physical” contentful?
Mr. Money Mustache Mr. Money Moustache Finance Lifestyle Pay Down the Mortgage or Invest More? A win/win question.
Bryan Caplan at EconLog Bryan Caplan Economics Politics The Not-So-Curious Absence of American Emulationists in the Third World?
Marginal REVOLUTION Tyler Cowen Economics Politics Education Personal Can an independent Puerto Rico work out?
The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss Tim Ferriss Marketing Health Productivity Travel No More Excuses – How to Make an Extra $100,000 in the Next 6 Months


Blog Name Author Purpose/Focus Example Post
Slate Star Scratchpad Scott Alexander Psychology Medicine Philosophy History Sociology Culture Wars Problems In Society Politics Whale Puns "Today at the child hospital, I asked a kid if he knew what his diagnosis was..."
Ragged Jack Scarlet Anonymous Sociology Insight Porn Memes Psychology Culture Wars Mythic Values/Folk Values
Academician Zex Anonymous Alcoholism Homosexuality Sexuality Memes Cute Animals Culture Wars Cartoons Video Games The 80/20 rule and the addiction lobby
Wirehead Wannabe Anonymous Depression Suicide Youth Rights Politics Culture Wars "I gotta admit..."


Field Listing

Forum Name
Name of the forum. eg. LessWrong
Forum Type
What 'kind' of forum it is. For example LessWrong might be described as 'community blog', Reddit as 'link aggregator'.
Topic Focus
What the forum is about. For example LessWrong might be described as. "Attempts to explore 'the art of human rationality'."
Who is the head moderator or maintainer of the forum. For example LessWrong when it was founded would have been Eliezer Yudkowsky.
Moderation Type
Loose, Medium, or Strict. Loose being none to very little, strict being 'goofing off gets you banned in 15 minutes', and medium being somewhere in between.
What URL to use to access the forum.

Forum Listings

Forum Name Forum Type Topic Focus Administrator(s) Moderation Type Link Updated
LessWrong Community Blog Attempts to explore 'the art of human rationality'. Vaniver Medium http://lesswrong.com/ 2017-10-06
LessWrong 2.0 Community Blog Attempting the creation of a 'rationality canon'. Vaniver, Oliver Habryka Strict https://www.lesserwrong.com 2017-10-06
Whistling Lobsters Link Aggregator "Whistling Lobsters aims to stand at the intersection of interesting, useful, and excellent." Obormot Strict https://lobsters.obormot.net/ 2017-10-06
/r/slatestarcodex Subreddit Slate Star Codex community and related topics Bakkot, _Vulture_, coderman9, PM_ME_UR_OBSIDIAN, ScottAlexander, tailcalled, werttrew, utilsucks, cjet79 Medium https://www.reddit.com/r/slatestarcodex 2017-10-07
/r/rational Subreddit Rational and rationalist fiction ParidexisErrant, alexanderwales, eaturbrainz Loose https://www.reddit.com/r/rational 2017-10-09
/r/HPMOR Subreddit Analysis of "Harry Potter and The Methods of Rationality" jaiwithani, V2Blast, EliezerYudkowsky, bbrazil, noking, alexanderwales Loose https://www.reddit.com/r/HPMOR 2017-10-09
Effective Altruism Forum Community Blog "This forum brings together people who want to change the world, to make plans and share announcements." Larissa Hesketh-Rowe, Julia Wise Medium http://effective-altruism.com/ 2017-10-09
Omnilibrium Debate Forum "Rational Discussion of Controversial Topics" Unknown Medium http://www.omnilibrium.com/ 2017-10-09
Cafe Chesscourt BBS "A forum for the rationalist community" theojones Medium https://cafechesscourt.com/index.php 2017-10-15


Field Listing

Chat Name
What the chatroom is named. eg. #lesswrong would be...well #lesswrong.
Topic Focus
What topics the chatroom typically focuses on. eg. #lesswrong might be: Gwern Branwen, Cryptocurrency, Information Technology, AI, 'Rationalist' Community, Insight Porn
How many users (including lurkers) does the channel have? This is usually listed somewhere in the interface.
Who controls the chatroom? eg. #lesswrong might be: Gwern Branwen, or namespace depending on your political opinions.
Moderation Type
Loose, Medium, or Strict. Loose being none to very little, strict being 'goofing off gets you banned in 15 minutes', and medium being somewhere in between.
The most convenient URL by which the chatroom can be accessed, for example #lesswrong might be: http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=%23lesswrong
The date that the entry was last touched in YYYY-MM-DD format. eg. 2017-10-06.

Chat Listing

Chat Name Topic Focus Size Administrator Moderation Type Link Updated
#lesswrong Gwern Branwen, Cryptocurrency, Information Technology, AI, 'Rationalist' Community, Insight Porn 277 Gwern Branwen Strict freenode 2017-10-06
##hplusroadmap Cryptocurrency, Hardware, Biohacking, Transhumanism 86 kanzure Strict freenode 2017-10-09
#slatestarcodex Scott Alexander, Culture Wars, Lifestyle 83 Drethelin Strict freenode 2017-10-09
#chapelperilous Postrationality, Religion, Culture Wars, Neoreaction 23 lucidian Loose freenode 2017-10-09
lesswrongers slack full scope, solving problems. 500 registered, 40 active weekly Elo walled garden, low moderation needed. https://wiki.lesswrong.com/wiki/Slack 2017-10-07
Russian LessWrong Slack Futurism, Coworking, Russia, Don't Be Shy Most People Speak English! 1250 registered, ~100 weekly. berekuk "reign of terror" https://lesswrong.ru/slack 2017-12-04
Exegesis Brain hacking, personal advice, mathematics, autistic special interests, community, sexuality. ~100 Alexander Medium Invitation only 2017-11-11
a compelling narrative quality discourse! community projects! science! literary criticism! dreams! adorations! illuminations! religions! 118 me and you derived from the consent of the governed https://discord.gg/sVFye76 or http://memeware.org/disco 2017-10-07
Biggest Spotlight discord splinter of Exegesis, full scope, mental health, non-binary genders ~100 Hive community Contact Hivewired#6054 on discord 2017-10-07
LessWrong Discord rationality, irrationality, shitposting, Less Wrong 2.0 support/development 440 ex cinera firm but gentle http://memeware.org/rationaldisco or https://discord.gg/4gtbaNw 2017-10-19
SSC Discord Psychology, Scott Alexander, Sexuality, Culture Wars ~300 deluks917 Strict https://discord.gg/gpaTCxh 2017-10-06