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Center For Applied Rationality
MetaMed "MetaMed Research was a medical consulting firm aiming to provide high-end personalized medical research services. It was founded in 2012 by Michael Vassar (previously of the Singularity Institute[1]),[2] Jaan Tallinn (co-founder of Skype and Kazaa),[3][4] Zvi Mowshowitz,[3] and Nevin Freeman[5] with startup funding from Silicon Valley investor Peter Thiel.[4] Metamed stated that its researchers were drawn from top universities, as well as prominent technology companies such as Google.[6]"


Project Name Project Description Writeups & Notes
LessWrong Study Hall A pomodoro-based online coworking space.
Arbital A wikipedia-like project to facilitate the creation of powerful educational content. Also tried to incorporate social media like elements. Beyond that, it gets a bit complicated and you'd be better off reading the postmortem.

Community Organizing

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Los Angeles


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Trivial Inconvenience Day
European Community Weekend 2014

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